About Us

Dale and I were born and raised in the 'big city', where life is fast paced, fast talking and sometime it simply too much financially and certainly mentally.  By 2011, we were beginning to face the time in our lives where hard decisions needed to be made.  Did we like the direction we were facing or had we come to a point in our lives where peace in our mind's and souls meant more to us than competing in the preverbial 'rat-race'?  We began to pray for a simplier life in a place where we could truly be at home with oursleves.  A community that shared our deep love for Christ our Father, had strong family values and a commitment to this great country. ​Finding this piece of heaven really placed us at the 'crossroads' of our lives, so we made the decision to sell everything not needed or nailed down.   Packed a truck, the dogs, the horses, sold our home and left all our friends and family to travel 1800 miles south-west where we found this relaxing retreat from the rest of the real world.  A place we can be at one with nature and our horses. We feel blessed, but we are rarely lonely having found our piece of heaven. 


It is our greatest desire to share that passion for life, the stepping out into the " great un-known" and having the faith that we are still never truly on our own.   A profound difference.   Come to Crossroads Ranch and Retreat, where heaven meets reality!   Now you know our story, can't wait to hear yours!  We look forward to seeing you on The Ranch!


"I have been riding as long as I can remember.  I first began in the hunter-jumper arena with moving into 3-day event by the time I was 15 years old.  During the college years, I studied Equestrian Studies and then graduated with a BA in Business. During my early years,  I had ridden with some of the greats: Bruce Davidson, World Cup rider and Olympian; Sally Swift, internationally recognized for her training methods of balanced riding and Tom Poulin, FEI Dressage Rider & trainer.  More recently my passion began to move me towards the training methods of ‘Natural Horsemanship’ stylized by so many wonderful gentlers such as Monty Roberts, Buck Brennaman and Clinton Anderson.  I continue my education daily, but realize no one teaches riding like the horse himself!  I look forward to sharing this love of riding and the animal himself with all who come here."



​"I have worked in the trades for most of my life.  Vikki and I met when we were 13 years old and her passion for riding and for her horses became instrumental in our lives from the jump.  I kind of knew, love the women, love her horses! Honestly, it was a great thing for me.  I learned to see the magnificence of the animal through her eyes.  When she started teaching me some of what is now referred to as ‘natural horsemanship’, these were techniques she was using very early on-  without her even knowing it.  Now we both share our love of riding, working with the horses and our commitment to offering a beautiful facility with people that share our passion and interests."