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 Horseback Riding Lessons


Here at Crossroads Ranch, we believe in students understanding riding is just 1 part horsemanship.  Lessons begin with an understanding of fundamentals including basic anatomy, basic equipment useage and understanding, tacking and untacking the horse and ground work including leading, handling, etc.





                            Private lessons: $40.00/hour per person                Package price- 12 lessons for $400.00- paid at one time

                            Group lessons:  $35.00/hour per person                Package price- 12 lessons for $350.00- paid at one time



We teach:

  • English Pleasure

  • Western Pleasure

  • Engish Horsemanship

  • Western Horsemanship


No matter what your age or skill set, we will help increase your skill, confidence and have fun in the process!  Proper riding clothes and boots are highly recommended and helmets are required for all children 18 and under. Please contact us for additonal information.


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